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64 years on from Wales’s first appearance at the World Cup, we look back at the tournament and celebrate the players who took us all the way to the knock-out stages.


The 1958 World Cup in Sweden is best remembered for the debut of a 17-year-old Pelé. But for Welsh fans, it was all about the players who came up against him in the Wales Vs Brazil Quarter Final.
Brazil progressed with a 1-0 victory. But for Wales – a footballing David playing a true Goliath – there was triumph in defeat. The team returned from Sweden as national heroes, and as Pelé himself remarked years later:

“I remember only too well some of the Welsh players I faced. It will be hard to forget… the excellent play of men like Hopkins and Bowen, Stuart Williams and Sullivan, or the truly inspired goalkeeping of Jack Kelsey.”

In this nostalgic documentary, Geraint Iwan recalls the events of ’58 and gives us an intimate picture of the Welsh team – including interviews with surviving players and the families of those we’ve lost.

In the second golden age of Welsh football, it’s only right to look back at the first!

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