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As a player, talent scout, coach and manager, Jimmy Murphy was a leading light in football for over 50 years. But who was the real Jimmy, and what mark did he leave on the beautiful game?


One of football’s most respected figures of the 20th Century, Jimmy Murphy was a Rhondda boy who starred as a player for West Bromwich Albion, before building a second career behind the scenes from Old Trafford to Ninian Park.
At Manchester United, he was second lieutenant to the great Matt Busby, and nicknamed the “star maker” for his work with the youth team known as the Busby Babes. At home in Wales, he managed the national side as they reached the quarter finals of the 1958

World Cup. And when international duty kept him from the Belgrade fixture that led to the Munich Air Disaster, he helped United to rebuild after the tragic loss of eight players.

Now, over 30 years after Jimmy’s death, Geraint Iwan gets to know the man behind the glory – the Godfather figure who shunned the limelight and turned down managerial roles with Brazil, Juventus and Arsenal.

If you cheer on Wales or Manchester United, this portrait of an unsung hero is a must-see.

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