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A look at the last 18 years of Wales’s national football team, as part of S4C’s build-up to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.


From Toshack to Speed, Coleman to Page, this tale of World Cup Giants marks the highs and lows of Welsh football over the course of two decades - and celebrates the resurgent team that made it all the way to Qatar, marking Wales’s first appearance at the event in 64 years.

From behind the scenes, we look at the challenge of rebuilding a team that had fallen from the international stage. We recall the turning points and tragedies, and share in the excitement, through the eyes of players, managers and supporters – the diehards who kept faith in Wales as a footballing nation.
With contributions from Gareth Bale, Chris Coleman and Rob Page, Cewri Cwpan Y Byd is a must-see for every Red Wall supporter.

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